Champions Annual Giving Program
  • Become a Champion! From engaging K-12 programs across the country to Meetings, publications, and webinars featuring the best and brightest within our community, ANS is on the move – smarter, stronger, and more influential. Your donation helps fuel this important work: Legacy Circle-$1000, Patron-$500, Benefactor-$250, Advocate-$100, Supporter-$50
Legacy Circle
  • ANS’s Legacy Circle program, a way for members to support our Society with a gift today or for the future. Our very special Your Legacy donors will be featured on an ANS website page that includes your name, picture and story
General Scholarship Fund
  • It’s a long climb from student to professional—and ANS is there to help. Our many scholarship programs reward undergraduate and graduate studies, offering students a welcome boost as they begin or continue their academic journey.
NEED Program
  • This program supports Diversity and Inclusion efforts including scholarships, travel grants, NE program recruitment, and K-12 outreach for underrepresented communities.
Public Education Fund (CNSTI)
  • Help us shine a light on the benefits of nuclear science and technology. We deliver on a promise: distill the complex world of nuclear into information that is accurate and engaging. The Public Education Fund's message is online, in the news, up on Capitol Hill, and across the desks of students and teachers from coast to coast.
Local & Student Section Strategic Fund
  • Help support new or expanded activities for Local & Student Sections. Activities the fund is intended to support include: membership recruitment, K-12 and community outreach, and public awareness initiatives.
ANS-ENS Ukrainian Nuclear Workers Humanitarian Fund
  • Give to the ANS-ENS Ukrainian Nuclear Workers Humanitarian Fund and help our colleagues in need. All donations go directly to the Ukrainian Nuclear Society for essential medical supplies, personal protective equipment, batteries, flashlights, warm clothes, food, and other items.
ANS Newswire
  • ANS Newswire is your go-to source for the latest news, developments, and happenings in nuclear, whether it's technology, policy, education, or business. We believe in our mission to empower a strong, connected, and engaged professional community that cultivates nuclear science and technology for the benefit of humanity. And with your help—whether a one-time or recurring donation—we will continue bringing you, our readers, the latest news.
Prof. Massimo Salvatores Memorial Scholarship Fund (RPD)
  • RPD scholarship to recognize promising undergraduate students at the junior/senior level with an interest in the field of reactor physics in memoriam of renowned physicist- late Dr. Massimo Salvatores.